Registration & Enrollment Policies


Applicable tuition amount, one-time $45 registration fee per each new student and online registration form must be submitted to reserve a space. No registration fee required for camps.




Year-Round Weekly Classes:

From our years of experience, we have observed that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment. To get the most out of your Shineh Art Studio experience, we strongly encourage consistent attendance in your child’s regularly scheduled class.


1. I understand that make-up classes are offered as a courtesy only. Only one make-up session will be allowed per month for absences due to any reasons. Make up session must be completed by the end of each month.

2. There will be no make-up session if written notification or sign-up is not provided at least 24 hours prior to absence.

3. Absences cannot be deducted nor credited to current or future month’s tuition payments.

4. Eligible make-ups are valid while you are enrolled. All unused make-ups expire when you withdraw and are not carried over upon re-enrollment.

5. We do not reschedule make up classes.


Camps: No make-up classes will be offered.



1. Each younger sibling will receive 5% discount on tuition. (Monthly Installment Options ONLY as the Full/Half Year tuition amounts are already discounted.)

2. Enroll your child(ren) for the full/half school year and receive a discount on the tuition.

3. No discounts on tuition for camps. 

4. These special offers cannot be discounted further, nor can these offers be combined.



1. Cancellations made three weeks prior to the start of
monthly, half year (fall/spring), full year terms, or camps will receive a refund except for a $100 cancellation fee.
2. Cancellations made less than three weeks prior to the start of
monthly, half year (fall/spring), full year terms, or camps receive no refund. There will be no exceptions.
3. Cancellations and changes will not be honored without written notification. 




1. Classes will begin and end at the specified times.  Please be punctual.  Parents are required to drop off and pick up the students promptly at the beginning and at the end of class.

2. In the event of late pick up, parents may be assessed a $25 late charge per child if a child is picked up more than 5 minutes after class ends. For every 10 minutes after that time, an additional $25 fee will accrue.




I hereby give Shineh Art Studio, LLC permission to use photographs of my child(ren) and artworks for future promotional purposes. I understand that my child(rens) name(s) will NOT be used to identify them in a photo at any time in any publication without my permission. No compensation is provided to individuals who appear in the images.




Because our enrollment is limited number of students per session, we regret that guests may not be brought to class.




Shineh Art Studio, LLC does not accept responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of any student’s property.




Any children found to be disruptive to the program or teachers may be dismissed from the session with no refund.




1. If tuition is not received PRIOR to the start of the class, the student’s place cannot be guaranteed. Sessions are paid for by the academic month (not the day). Tuition is not transferable from one session or month to another due to poor attendance or missed classes. There are no refunds for cancellations made less than three weeks prior to the start any session, for missed classes, or for dismissal due to discipline problems.

2. $25 will be charged for each returned check.




Shineh Art Studio

255 Market Street West, Suite 200, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Phone: 301-792-7942



I understand and agree that my child is expected to carry his/her own accident and medical insurance.  I release Shineh Art Studio from any and all liability and/or claims and damages arising out of personal injury of any kind.  If necessary, I authorize Shineh Art Studio to administer first aid and/or authorize medical treatment for my child.  I have read and agree to Shineh Art Studio’s Policies. 


All information in the above form is correct.  Signing below indicates you acknowledge the above:


Signature  ___________________________________________________________          Date _______/_______/___________


Relationship to the child:_______________


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